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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-04-20

In this issue: Disk drives get perpendicular, recommended
websites, and better batteries.

Corporate Board Member reports on the rising cost of
health-care benefits that has cast a shadow over U.S.
corporations for decades.
Time Asia says that Hyundai is steering away from its
checkered past and toward becoming a global success story.
Corporate Board Member looks at ways to lighten your load of
tech tools when traveling.

PC World talks about Hitachi's new 500GB hard drive, but
points out that perpendicular recording technology could
produce much greater gains.
PC World compares performance of 64-bit chips from Intel and

Science News says that chromium has been gaining some
hard-won respect, primarily for its demonstrated ability to
normalize blood-sugar concentrations.
Lobbying and politics are having a huge effect on the debate
over whether to allow silicone implants back on the market,
according to BusinessWeek.

BusinessWeek says the U.S. is likely to step up pressure on
Beijing to revalue its currency.  The U.S. also wants to
curb the increasing number imports from China.
Time Asia says investors are snapping up apartments in
Shanghai, but will it all fall apart?
InternetNews warns of a new spam campaign exploiting
people's interest in and grief over the death of Pope John
Paul II.
PC Magazine provides a list of 100 recommended websites.
There's a new kid in town in the search advertising arena,
according to Search Engine Watch.  No, it's not another
search ad vendor, nor a new conversion tracking tool.  This
pay-for-performance marketing technique brings together both
the Internet and the phone.
The American Prospect thinks House majority leader Tom DeLay
deserves whatever he gets.  But he deserved it several years
ago.  And therein lies the problem.
BusinessWeek looks at the mobilization of people and money
in preparation for a Supreme Court vacancy expected this
CIO says that the United States needs a tech czar who can
help formulate a coherent policy if it wants to retain its
current lead in technology innovation.

The Motley Fool offers advice for sorting through your
retirement account options.
Conventional wisdom says Americans don't invest enough in
their retirements.  BusinessWeek reports on a provocative
study that questions that and other assumptions.

Kung Fu Hustle, a martial arts comedy, spoofs The Matrix and
Gangs of New York while sporting a coherent story, character
arcs, and technical depth, according to Culture Vulture.

InternetNews points out the complications of state income
tax for telecommuters.
Just months after Congress extended the Internet access tax
ban by four years, senators push to make the measure
permanent, according to InternetNews.

The Motley Fool describes Toshiba's nanotechnology
breakthrough for batteries.
To boost hybrids' market share, carmakers must overcome
daunting technological hurdles detailed by BusinessWeek.

In affluent parts of the world, a new kind of urban center
is taking shape, catering to the nomadic rich and the
restless, rootless young, according to Metropolis.