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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2004-02-18

In this issue:  The sputtering Hummer, Windows code on the
loose, and famous writers not qualified for college.

InternetNews reports on the gap between businesses and
consumers on privacy issues.
The Hummer H2 started as a huge hit, but sales have
plummeted.  BusinessWeek wonders if GM can turn things
around with the H3.

An IEEE Spectrum article shows how human chess grandmasters
have begun to better their computer opponents by learning
how to anticipate how they play.

A Smart Money article shows readers how to move their data
and settings to a new computer.
InternetNews talks about the potential impact of the leaked
source code for Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT.

Altantic Monthly looks at how the SAT's new writting section
will be scored, and how some famous writers would fare.

Jimmy Carter talks to This Old House about the pleasure and
necessity of homebuilding.
If you need to hire a contractor to work on your house,
Motley Fool has some tips.

BusinessWeek looks at whether likely Democratic presidential
nominee John Kerry will have enough cash to compete against
George Bush.
Inc. looks at efforts to loosen Federal Prison Industries'
grip on contracts for government work.

Psychologists have discovered mental errors everyone makes
when constructing mental models of certain situations, which
user-interface designers are now trying hard to sidestep,
according to Technology Research News.

Motley Fool points out some of the useful things you can
find on the IRS website.