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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2004-01-28

In this week's issue:  A car that gearheads and greens can
agree on, ways to make drive-time productive, the year's
best gadgets, and more.

Car & Driver reviews the 2004 Toyota Prius, which it judges
to be a marked improvement over the hybrid sedan's last

A Fast Company article looks at why so few women have risen
to the very top of the corporate ladder and reports findings
that suggest they might not be worse off for it.
Darwin looks at ways to make profitable use of your
commuting time.

---Computing & Technology---
An InternetNews article looks at the future of the computer
chip industry and the challenges that loom as nanoscale
chips become the norm.
Connected Home highlights the most exciting products on
display at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show.

An American Prospect article warns that President Bush's No
Child Left Behind education act requires a drastic overhaul
if it is not to contradict its own purpose.

---Politics & Society---
An article in Atlantic Unbound says that presidential
candidate John Edwards has a campaign theme and personality
that give him a good shot at victory.
Realtor Magazine looks at the often controversial practice
of municipalities invoking eminent domain to condemn
property and turn it over to private developers.