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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2004-01-21

In this week's issue:  Weaning oneself from Windows, one
interpretation of "you are what you eat," why America's
pre-war Iraq intelligence was so faulty, and more.

An Inc. article looks at one strategy some employers are
using in an attempt to make employees more responsibly (and
cheaply) manage their health care costs.
An article in Entrepreneur reveals the 17 most common
mistakes people make when starting a business and offers
tips for success.

PC Magazine claims that StarOffice 7 is a good replacement
for Microsoft Office, with several advantages and a lower
price tag.
PC World's editor, fed up with Windows, tries Linux for a
month and reports on his largely positive experience.

Star chef Mario Batali talks to Humanities about the ways in
which food conveys culture.

Science News reports that scientists have found facing your
fears enables you to suppress them.
Drinking lots of caffeinated coffee can protect against type
II diabetes, according to Science News.

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A Darwin article instructs readers on how they can avoid
being tarred as spammers under the new CAN-SPAM legislation.
PC Magazine reports on a website that combats e-mail scams
(a.k.a. "phishing").
The possibility of a national-level cyberwar is becoming
more and more real as technology advances, according to

---Politics & Society---
In Atlantic Monthly, an Iraq expert and proponent of the war
discusses how and why the Bush administration was so wrong
in its estimates of Saddam Hussein's contraband weaponry.
Metropolis interviews contrarian and hard-headed futurist
Joel Kotkin about the future of American cities.
IDB America looks at the emerging phenomenon of the "lite
reader" and what its implications are for economic and
social development.
Flaws continue to hamper electronic voting, says a
Scientific American article that looks at some of the