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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2004-01-14

In this week's issue:  Economic stormclouds, the birth of
the mouse, what it's like to be a hunter-gatherer, and more.

According to Commercial Investment Real Estate, courts
around the U.S. are beginning to uphold the legality of
electronic signatures.
More and more angel investors are forming into groups, says
an Inc. article, which changes the funding landscape for
startups considerably.

According to Atlantic Monthly, the prospects for unemployed
Americans are worsening.
An Atlantic Monthly article foresees a painful evaporation
of the American middle class unless major economic changes
are undertaken.

An Outside article follows the author's quest to reassemble
a diet of serious game, based on haute-cuisine pioneer
Escoffier's 1903 food bible.

A BusinessWeek article argues that the laws should be
changed to allow the FDA to get harmful supplements off the
market more quickly.

---Internet & Computing---
Search Engine Report lists the most searched-for terms of
the year 2003 on the major search engines.
In a Wired article, a pioneer of the Internet and the mouse
talks about computing's early days.
A new study reported in InternetNews finds that 33% of
Americans now get political information online, eroding the
dominance of traditional media in that regard.

Financial Advisor allows a finance professor to explain why
the conventional wisdom, that stocks are safe over the long
run, is wrong.
A stock analyst for Motley Fool looks at the bullish and
bearish cases for 2004 and comes down on the side of the

Motley Fool reports that one Wisconsin man is threatening to
sue his cable company for making him fat and drunk.