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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-12-24

Happy holidays to our readers!  This issue's articles
include recommended holiday reading, tips on spending
wisely, working towards a safer Internet, and more.

Atlantic Unbound comes out with its picks for the best books
of 2003, including selections in literature, non-fiction and

Knowledge@Wharton describes a shopping strategy known as
"cherry picking" as an effective way to save money --
something both consumers and retailers should understand.
PC World covers the new privacy concerns raised by the
profusion of camera-equipped cell phone.
A piece in Entrepreneur charts the growth of franchising as
an economic power.
Fast Company examines why Apple's ceaseless innovation has
led, paradoxically, to continual corporate underachievement.

PC World has tips for scoring the best deals, online and
off, on computer products.  After-Christmas sales, anyone?

---Dining Out---
A Motley Fool article reveals the sometimes startling
markups that go into the cost of your restaurant meals.

An article in BusinessWeek presents an explanation for the
U.S.'s growing trade deficit that it says most policymakers
are reluctant to face.

According to an InternetNews article, 2003 was the worst
year ever for computer viruses and worms.
Information Age looks at what's being done to fix the
Internet's flaws.
PC World says that PC users needn't open their wallets for
anti-virus software:  there are four excellent free
applications up to the task.
InternetNews looks at a company entangled in a lawsuit
because one of its affiliates spammed.

---Politics & Society---
American Prospect outlines a strategy to move the U.S. away
from having a disproportionate number of low-wage jobs
towards a more middle-class society.