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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-12-17

In this week's issue:  the bad baby business, NAFTA at 10,
and a call for the return of greed to pro sports.

Time Europe looks at why European governments make it hard
for small businesses to thrive.
Inc. calls obstetrics "the worst business in America"
because of the enormous strain the medical system,
plaintiffs' attorneys and the insurance industry place upon
doctors who deliver babies.

An article from This Old House recommends that homeowners
consider getting a living evergreen instead of a cut
Christmas tree, and then planting it in the backyard after
the holidays.

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---Economics & Trade---
Ten years after NAFTA went into effect, has it been worth it
for Mexico?  BusinessWeek looks into it.
As the dollar continues to plummet, BusinessWeek takes a
look at what it means for American businesses.

According to Scientific American, many researchers believe
that the threat of a widespread smallpox outbreak has been

---Social Issues---
Time Europe unravels a tragic case of human smuggling gone
awry from Somalia to Italy.

A Sports Central article sees a dark side to the phenomenon
of star athletes taking pay cuts to get the chance to play
for a title-winning team.