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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-12-10

In this week's issue:  learn how to pass as a dilettante,
how to spot a lie during negotiations, and why we don't have
more unisex bathrooms.

Artnews has a piece on the peculiar etiquette of gallery
openings -- what to say and how to avoid faux pas.

Detroit's automakers have reduced defects to the low levels
of foreign cars, but they are finding that that's not enough
for today's car-buyers, according to BusinessWeek.
Information Age says that application service providers are
making a comeback, and it explains why.
BusinessWeek performs a post-mortem examination of the
troubled tenure of Boeing CEO Phil Condit.
Information Age reports on an auto insurance company in the
UK that is trying to reduce fraud by using lie detection
technology when customers phone in claims.
HBS Working Knowledge looks at ways to tell whether your
opponent at the bargaining table is being truthful.

Start your holiday shopping:

Will European students lose the right to a free university
education? Time Europe reports.

Law enforcement officials are finding that blogs are a good
tool to help share information that may prevent crime,
according to PC Magazine.
A Paper article predicts that the Google IPO in 2004 will
start a new dot-com boom.

---Politics & Society---
A BusinessWeek analyst says that the GOP's protectionist
economic measures, such as tariffs and subsidies, are
hurting the U.S. economy overall.
Why do we still have sex-segregated bathrooms? asks an Eye