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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-11-19

In this week's issue: A new way to search books, the jobs
boom that might not be, and worries about the U.S. and its
international stature.

Wired looks at's ambitious plan to make the full
text of all the books it sells searchable online.
  Try Amazon's new feature out:

An Inc. article says companies should pay some attention to
customers who grumble about them on the Internet -- they may
just turn out to be prophetic.

CIO warns that the hiring boom that many have predicted will
occur when the baby boomers retire is a fiction.
Is shopping at Wal-Mart ultimately harmful to the country
and its economy?  Fast Company examines this allegation.

---Society & Politics---
Reason looks at the curious legal status of business
improvement districts, which are not quite public and not
quite private.
Time Europe reports on President Bush's trip to Europe to
try to persuade that continent's leaders to trust him and
his Iraq policy.
In an Atlantic Monthly piece, financier George Soros argues
that the current American supremacy in the world is like a
stock market bubble waiting to pop.