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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-11-12

In this week's issue:  Why e-business is still an inviting
prospect, inside a high-tech police crime lab, and the
ergonomic dangers of chopsticks.

BusinessWeek looks at how a new rule requiring mutual funds
to disclose proxy votes will affect corporate governance.
A BtoB article shares some best practices for e-mail
A Darwin article says that e-business still offers lots of
opportunities for companies to increase revenues.

PC Magazine looks at a number of product activation schemes
that are now built into software programs to thwart piracy.

Outside tasks a writer with trying out a variety of
performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids, human growth
hormone, and EPO.
Regular use of chopsticks may lead to arthritis of the hand,
according to a Science News article.

A Knowledge@Wharton article ponders why executives are
ridiculed for making exorbitant salaries while athletes and
entertainers are not.

Culture Vulture does not have high praise for the final
volume of the Matrix trilogy.

---Politics & Society---
The state of Maine is rolling out an ambitious universal
health-care program.  A Managed Care article evaluates its
prognosis for success.
In an Advocate article, a gay U.S. Army soldier talks about
coming out to his combat unit and how it increased their
trust and cohesion.

Popular Mechanics looks at the new crop of diesel engines in
today's cars, which are challenging long-held conceptions of
diesel as a sooty, smoky power source.
Scientific American goes behind the scenes in the New York
Police Department's crime lab and finds that it's even more
interesting than it seems on TV.
A Scientific American article looks at the interplay between
race and genetically distinct groups that can help doctors
and scientists better understand and treat disease.