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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-10-29

In this week's issue:  Consumers who are willing to "trade
up," cars of the future, the artificial sweetener saga and

A Darwin article says it's imperative that your business be
at least pretty good at customer service.
A BusinessWeek article relates the story of how top
executives at Dell managed to turn around a company facing a
serious morale problem.
An HBS Working Knowledge article warns managers of the
dangers of using benchmarks to measure business success
without thoroughly considering potentially confounding
More and more middle-class consumers seem willing to pay a
premium for better-made versions of everyday products that
emotionally appeal to them.  Fast Company reports on this
"new luxury."

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Car & Driver looks at the odd and interesting concept cars
at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

Wired looks at the search for artificial sweeteners.
HHMI Bulletin looks at some ingenious and impressive ways
scientific researchers have gotten around seemingly
insurmountable barriers, such as those that might preclude
heart surgery on a two-inch-long fish.
The long-misunderstood Y chromosome does much more than just
code for sex, researchers are finding.  HHMI Bulletin

---Society & Politics---
Unrest in Liberia prompts Smithsonian to question what the
relationship should be between that country and the US,
which created Liberia as a homeland for freed slaves.