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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-10-22

In this week's issue:  A better "go pill," the study of
animals with enviable qualities, signs of urban improvement,
and more.

Time Europe reports on the difficulties Microsoft is having
in trying to crack the tantalizing European cell-phone

A new class of drugs may be the answer to stopping
drowsiness without the side effects and addiction potential
of most stimulants, says a Wired article.

We launched a redesigned version of today.
Stop by and have a look!

A Red Herring article profiles an astrobiologist whose
life's work is studying "extremeophiles," microorganisms
that can withstand the most stressful conditions imaginable.
Wired looks at advances in the study of biological
regeneration, which someday could allow humans to grow
replacement organs for themselves.

---Social Issues---
Science News reports on a study that supports the theory
that poverty undermines psychological health in children.
America's ghettoes are starting to improve, says a
BusinessWeek article that goes on to look at how the trend
may continue.