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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-10-01

In this week's issue:  A megacorporation's might gets
worrisome, the power of broadband for social change,
divining the politics of youth, and more.

In a Darwin article, an intellectual property lawyer laments
the hobbling complexity of U.S. copyright law.
BusinessWeek claims that things are properly aligned to get
the U.S. economy growing again after a difficult three
Is Wal-Mart too powerful?  A BusinessWeek article
investigates the charge.
Inc. looks at the "art of the brainstorm."

A PC Magazine feature advises users on how to remain
wirelessly connected in all sorts of situations.
A Red Herring article looks at whether bringing broadband to
rural areas can stave off demographic disaster in the
American Midwest.

A BusinessWeek piece shows how buy-and-hold investors can
dabble in market timing without introducing too much risk
into their portfolio strategies.

---Politics & Society---
An article in The American Prospect looks at what the
politics and voting habits of "Generation Y" may be when
these new voters take to the polls.