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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-09-17

In this week's issue:  How crafty politicians can spook
drugmakers, evidence in favor of focused work, how to get
Google to appreciate your site, and more.

Legislation in Maine that lets the state negotiate better
deals on drugs for the uninsured has sparked similar efforts
nationwide, giving big pharma a headache, reports American
Knowledge@Wharton reports on worries that stricter
regulatory requirements may force many publicly-traded firms
to go private.
CIO reports on new evidence that multitasking erodes, rather
than improves, employee productivity.

CFO interviews the creator of the first spreadsheet
software, a revolutionary application that is celebrating
its 25th anniversary.

Wired looks at what went wrong when surgeons in Singapore,
with the aid of cutting-edge computer modeling technology,
undertook the separation of adult twins conjoined at the

A Darwin article lists the five most common mistakes people
make when trying to optimize their sites for search engines.

A Science News article reports on the hazards to airplanes
caused by volcanic eruptions and what scientists are working
on to reduce those hazards.
An IEEE Spectrum article looks appreciatively at the work of
a successful four-person think-tank charged with inventing
new, but mundane, products.

---Society & Politics---
Time Europe looks at the reaction of Swedish society to the
murder of its Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh.
A Scientific American article profiles the work of those who
must figure out how to clean up the mess of environmental
contamination that follows in war's wake.