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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-09-10

In this week's issue:  How cars will change this year, how
to fix a broken stock market, PowerBook pop stars, and more.

A piece in Technology Marketing looks at how to develop
meaningful advertising metrics.
Does technology in the workplace make worker privacy a thing
of the past?  Optimize interviews the author of a new book
making that assertion.
 Buy Fred Lane's The Naked Employee:

Car & Driver has a comprehensive roundup of the changes in
automakers' lineups for the coming year.

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---Finance & Economics---
HBS Working Knowledge looks at some radical solutions that
have been proposed for reform of the securities markets --
and why they might be necessary.
A Time Asia article urges the Bush administration not to get
into a trade war with China.

Wired profiles a new generation of music producers who,
through creativity and technology, are reinventing the way
music sounds today, becoming stars in their own right.

It's becoming harder and harder for people not affiliated
with universities or hospitals to gain access to scientific
literature, says Scientific American.

A journalist from Outside visits serial-bombing suspect Eric
Rudolph's mountain hideaway and finds evidence that suggests
the longtime fugitive had plenty of help.