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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-09-03

In this week's issue:  Computing from scratch, the battle
for food naming rights, a free MIT education and more.

Atlantic Unbound interviews author Virginia Postrel, whose
latest book is an appreciation of our design- and
style-conscious age.
 Buy Virginia Postrel's The Substance of Style:

According to HBS Working Knowledge, American companies are
changing their management hierarchies to be flatter.
A new study reported in HBS Working Knowledge claims that
the coming labor shortage projected by many economists and
consultants will not occur.
Will trade grievances by European producers mean that Kraft
can't sell "Parmesan" anymore?  A Time Europe article
examines the dispute over protected food and wine names.

A PC Magazine article goes over the pros and cons of
building your own PC from individual components.

A Wired article looks at some of the ways people around the
world are using MIT's courseware now that the university has
opened it all up for free online.

---Politics & Society---
A Time Europe looks at the US's coalition of international
troops in Iraq and finds it wanting.
Economists are seeing a fomenting backlash against American
companies that outsource formerly American jobs overseas,
reports CIO.

---Science & Technology---
Science News looks at a branch of artificial intelligence
research that is trying to design "cognitive prostheses" to
augment and amplify human brain power.
Politics, not technology, was to blame in last week's big
blackout in North America, claims an IEEE Spectrum