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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-08-27

In this week's issue:  Marketing as a science, not an art; a
new way to code; e-mail fasting and more.

Smithsonian profiles the U.S. Navy's program for using
trained dolphins to help clear mines.

India's consumer culture is burgeoning as more and more
young people are earning a solid middle-class living,
reports Time Asia; multinationals are taking notice.
Inc. proposes a dramatic plan to revamp the somewhat
antiquated Small Business Administration.

---Computer Programming---
A work model called "extreme programming" that pairs
programmers up at a single workstation to cooperate is
changing the face of software development, according to

A Smithsonian article says that not only did health
officials do an admirable job of stopping SARS, they learned
valuable lessons about dealing with viral epidemics.

A Darwin writer issues a challenge:  work for a week without

An article in Inc. looks at a method for scientifically
determining exactly what kind of ad campaign will work best.
An HBS Working Knowledge article weighs a new idea for
dealing with privacy concerns:  what if companies had to pay
consumers for the privilege of having their personal