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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-08-20

In this week's issue:  the good and the bad of deregulation,
tools to get your blog rolling, why a little poison might be
good for you, and more.

A Working Knowledge article asks what's next for the
financial services industry in these tough economic times.
Deregulation of industry, something many entrepreneurs have
been pushing for, isn't necessarily a boon for small
business, according to an article in Entrepreneur.

For consumers who don't want to shell out $600 for Photoshop
to touch up their digital photos, PC Magazine reviews
mid-level image editors.
PC World whittles a field of ten web- and email-equipped
PDAs and cell phones down to two standout devices.

According to a Money article, seniors shouldn't wait for
Congress to come up with a Medicare drug benefit.
Scientific American reports that data suggests exposure to
small amounts of carcinogenic chemicals may not be harmful;
in fact, it may have a protective effect.

PC Magazine reviews four tools for creating blogs.
A Money feature offers tips on how to use the web to get
great deals on a variety of products and services, from
travel to tech gear to cars.

According to IEEE Spectrum, wind power technology is
approaching the mainstream.

A Wired article goes behind the scenes with airport baggage
screeners and shows some of the technologies and procedures
involved, as well as some of the problems.