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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-08-06

In this week's issue:  How to negotiate, computers for
students, finding the right broker, and the popularity of
pro football -- explained.

Inc. condenses dozens of negotiation handbooks into what it
calls "the only guide to negotiating you will ever need."
An article in Knowledge@Wharton looks at companies that have
tried to measure "Customer Lifetime Value" to segment their
customers.  Many find this indicator difficult to work with.
Time Europe notes and comments upon a strange trend in
Germany -- the renowned beer nation's consumers seem to be
losing their appetites for the stuff.
An HBS Working Knowledge article tackles the task of finding
out where the real power lies in organizations -- something
that can be quite different from the hierarchy on the org

PC Magazine writes on the need for students these days to
have their own computers, and reviews a number of
appropriate models.

A BusinessWeek columnist argues that the Bush
administration's tax cuts are sapping, not helping,
America's economy.
Inc. gets an economist to explain to the lay reader the use
of basic indicators in economic forecasting.

Computer User reports on a trend that is seeing more
colleges combine their degree programs with IT

Smart Money rates and ranks 31 different stock brokerages,
from full-service brokers to discount brokers.

Eye presents some snippets of the laughably bad
novelizations of this summer's blockbuster movies.

---Politics & Society---
A BusinessWeek article profiles hard-to-pigeonhole
Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean.
The author of a new book about bioethics and the culture of
medicine for self-improvement talks to Atlantic Unbound.
 Buy Carl Elliott's "Better Than Well: American Medicine
Meets the American Dream":

---Science & Technology---
IEEE Spectrum wonders when building automation systems will
finally overcome their sometimes nightmarish problems and
become commonplace.
Science News explains why microscopic dust particles can be
so harmful to the human body.

A Sports Illustrated piece explains why "pro football rules
in America."