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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-07-30

In this week's issue:  Bike to work, the future of fish,
golf rules, and tasteless TV.

The U.S. has image problems around the world, but that
doesn't seem to erode the strength of American companies'
brands, says BusinessWeek.
A piece in BusinessWeek advocates commuting by bicycle.

A Car & Driver feature looks at ten cars solely available in
Japan -- and completely different from cars on the American

Scientists are finding that the circulatory system of
arteries and veins is more than mere plumbing, according to
HHMI Bulletin.
A Science News article reports on the depleted state of many
marine ecosystems, the restoration of which may require
drastic reductions in fishing.

---Social Issues---
The decriminalization of drugs is necessary to help better
the often unfortunate lot of young black men in the United
States, argues a BusinessWeek article.

According to Sports Illustrated, golf has the dumbest set of
rules in sports.

A TV Guide article notes declining standards of good taste
on American network television.

To combat worsening flooding in Venice, engineers are
working on an ambitious $5 billion system of floodgates,
according to Wired.