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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-07-16

In this week's issue: when tech vendors strike back, a
better way to browse the Internet, explaining the ancient
"supernatural," and more.

Smart Money gives tips for entrepreneurs starting
knowledge-based businesses.
The Computer Paper has an article about getting your work
done on the road without lugging your laptop with you.
An IEEE Spectrum article argues that in order to avoid
irrelevance, IBM, Apple, and Sun must unite in a
The customer who squeezes his beleaguered vendors too hard
for price concessions should be prepared when the vendors
fight back, according to a CIO article.

---Computing & Internet---
Frustrated by the Internet these days?  PC World suggests
two browsers that are superior to the browser used by 95% of
us, Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
Counterfeit inkjet printer cartridges are becoming
widespread, damaging users' hardware and creating a headache
for legitimate manufacturers, says PC World.
PC World's annual list of the "best free stuff on the web"
covers 101 sites, services, and online tools.

---Finance & Economics---
BusinessWeek predicts that the jobless recovery the U.S.
economy is experiencing will likely be worse than the one
following the 1990-91 recession.
BusinessWeek profiles Steve Cohen, perhaps the most powerful
trader on Wall Street, and his market-whipping $4-billion
hedge fund.
An official from the Federal Reserve explains, in a Money
interview, what the Fed can do to combat deflation.

An FDA Consumer piece looks at the state of research into
Alzheimer's disease treatments and ways to prevent the onset
of the disease.
Scientists are gaining a radically new understanding of how
cancer works and how to fight it, according to Wired.

A group of researchers report their findings on the
scientific basis for the Oracle at Delphi, the subject of
both myth and history, in Scientific American.