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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-07-09

In this week's issue:  Things to learn from failed
businessmen, air conditioner maintenance, invisibility
technology, and travelogues from some unlikely locations.

A Fast Company article explains how GPS technology is
changing business.
Fast Company looks at the habits of very unsuccessful
executives, and finds among them some widely admired traits
that may need to be rethought.
BusinessWeek presents a roundtable discussion between the
leaders of Microsoft, Viacom, AOL and Comcast about the
future of digital entertainment.
"Dilbert" creator Scott Adams shares some thoughts about
humor in the workplace with Optimize readers.

---Computers & Electronics---
The Computer Paper checks out the digital camera scene for
summer 2003.

An article in American Family Physician details a new
strategy to help reduce the spread of disease among
injection drug users.

Popular Mechanics offers tips to keep your air conditioner
functioning well.

According to Wired, invisibility technology is still out of
reach, but ought to be feasible in the next decade.

---Society & Politics---
A veteran war correspondent provides Outside with a long
first-hand account of the war in Iraq.
BusinessWeek writes that while blacks in America gained
along with everyone else during the economic boom of the
1990s, the economic gap between blacks and whites did not

A Sports Illustrated article looks at the rich tradition of
cheating in sports.

Some tips on travel to Antarctica appear in Time Asia.
Outside has an appreciation of North Dakota, often maligned
for its flatness, dullness, bad weather and abandonment,
but, the author argues, endlessly interesting.