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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-07-02

In this issue:  How to relax on vacation, dealing with
brain-teasers, the problem of hypochondria and more.

American manufacturers competing in the global economy are
coming to the realization that not all countries'
manufacturers play by the same rules, according to
Inc advises busy businesspeople on how to make their summer
getaways freer from the distractions of work, even when work
is critically important.

A Business 2.0 article offers tips on how to answer
job-interview puzzlers.

Will electric utility companies become the next Internet
service providers? An Inc article believes it's a near
Science News covers the decision by McDonald's to limit the
amount of antibiotics its meat vendors use in their animals.
Managed Care looks at the "worried well," whose dubious
health complaints and high utilization are becoming a
serious drain on physicians, insurers and employers.

In a LinuxWorld interview, the inventor of the domain name
system (DNS) used by the Internet, talks about how well it's
held up since its birth 20 years ago.
Historians are doing their best to collect and preserve for
posterity the emails that soldiers fighting in Iraq and
their families are exchanging, according to CIO.