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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-06-25

In this week's issue:  Boardmembers in need of Accounting
101, a quiet motorboat, predicting the apocalypse, and more.

Knowledge@Wharton reviews a new book about the two visionary
programmers behind the groundbreaking computer game Doom.
 Buy Masters of Doom, by David Kushner:

A Knowledge@Wharton article identifies a serious need for
company directors to bone up on the basics of finance and
accounting, so as to better head off scandal.
Technology Research News reports on a new software system
that promises to improve teleconferencing by automatically
sensing who's talking to whom and adjusting audio levels
Fortune looks at how a truly customer-centered strategy is
often what separates companies that sink with the falling
economic tide from those that thrive in spite of it.

A Smithsonian article praises electric boats and the silence
they offer.

A Wired article skeptically examines several contentions
about how humanity might, eventually, be annihilated.

---Society & Politics---
Immigrant workers deserve better treatment in the United
States, says an American Prospect article.
Time Europe profiles seven Iraqis trying to rebuild their
lives in the wake of Saddam Hussein's rule.
In Artnews, a reporter on the scene in Baghdad reports on
the looting of the Iraqi National Museum.