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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-06-18

In this week's issue:  timeless money advice, the headache
of e-mail, a religious alliance over meat, and more.

A Money article looks at the new edition of an investing
classic, Ben Graham's 1949 work, The Intelligent Investor.
 Buy this book:

Sun Microsystems, a Silicon Valley stalwart in the high-end
computing business, may now be fighting for its life,
according to a Wired article.
Corporate data retention, especially that of e-mail, has
become a major headache under strict new laws in the U.S.,
reports CFO.

A Smart Money article has advice on how to sweeten the deal
if you're offered a job transfer to another city.

PC World rates a variety of anti-virus and spyware-busting
utilities for Windows PCs.

Paddler lists the 10 greatest sea-kayak expeditions of all
time, noting some remarkable feats of daring, endurance and

A Time Europe article reports that Jews and Muslims in the
U.K. are uniting in a fight to preserve the right to
slaughter livestock according to their religious laws.

---U.S. Society & Politics---
An American Prospect article says the next military
sexual-harassment scandal is very likely to come from the
Marine Corps.