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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-05-21

In this week's issue:  Conquering the entrepreneur's fear,
losing the keys for good, and why some websites just aren't

A Wall Street & Technology article offers up seven tips to
save yourself and your company from a runaway project.
An Entrepreneur article looks at how small business owners
and would-be entrepreneurs can conquer the fears that hold
them back.

---Home Improvement---
This Old House explains the benefits of keyless locksets for
the home, which offer greater security and ease of use for

CIO complains about shopping websites that are over-fancy to
the point of making the browsing and buying experience
impossible for all but the best-outfitted computers.

---Society & Politics---
Atlantic Unbound interviews the author of Harvard and the
Unabomber, who argues that Ted Kaczynski was in many ways
not unique, and that we should be worried about the forces
that formed him.
 Buy this book:
Atlantic Unbound interviews a terrorism expert on what the
U.S. should learn from Israel's experience fighting suicide
bombers, which will likely become part of American's lives,
American Prospect evaluates the plight of Tony Blair, who,
the article asserts, has compromised his principles
irreparably in order to hitch his wagon to the Bush