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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-05-14

In this week's issue:  Looking at risk, covering your
tracks, the light-bulb-free future, and more.

Knowledge@Wharton reviews economist Robert Shiller's The New
Financial Order, which cautions both investors and
non-investors to think long and hard about the broader risks
they face in life.
 Buy this book:

Big business's love affair with management consultants seems
to have come to an end, according to Fortune.

A Smart Money article shows computer users how to cover up
private information like browsing history and recently-used

Science News looks at whether hormone therapy is a viable
option yet for aging men.

---Home & Yard---
A California horticulturist has advice on how to plant
allergy-free gardens, according to National Gardening.

Will there be a role for cloned livestock in our food
supply?  An FDA Consumer article explores the issues.
A piece in Popular Mechanics predicts the imminent
replacement of the light bulb by LEDs.

---World Politics---
Time Asia looks at whether India and Pakistan may have to
compromise, finally, over Kashmir.