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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-05-07

In this week's issue:  The return of the mountain lion,
balancing work and life, a new kind of real estate agent,
and dealing with the forces of religion in Iraq.

An Inc article contends that ultimately, salary is a better
way to compensate salespeople than commission.
A Fortune article reports on how some companies in
industries hit hard by deflation are turning falling prices
into opportunity.
An article in Optimize reports that just eight management
practices distinguish companies that consistently outperform
the market.
Business 2.0 outlines a strategy for business growth during
the recession:  fewer meetings, more work.

Smart Money looks at ways parents can trade long work hours
for more time with the kids.
AskMen looks at the pros and cons of a blue-collar career.
In CIO, a medical IT executive tells of his stress-related
breakdown and recovery.

---Science & Technology---
Business 2.0 looks at "six technologies that will change the
A Time Europe article discusses how difficult it is, in the
early days of any technology, to know what its potential
dangers may be.
Forget living longer through biotechnology, says an Outside
article:  "live fast, die hard, and leave a worn-out,
used-up, good-looking corpse."
An Outside article tracks the re-emergence of the cougar in
the American wild -- and even suburbia.

---Home Buying---
Will upstart companies be able to knock the standard 6%
commission real estate agents get down to 2%?  A Money
article takes a look.

---U.S. Politics & Society---
A Searcher article deals with the government's protection
and suppression of information since September 11, 2001.
An American Prospect article warns of the dangers of the FCC
relaxing media ownership restrictions further.

---World Politics & Society---
A piece in Atlantic Monthly wonders how the U.S. will
contain the forces of religion unleashed in Iraq.