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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-04-23

In this week's issue:  advice for the long-term unemployed,
news on SARS in Asia, how to remember things better, the
changing game of baseball, and more.

An article in Industry Week predicts a coming shortage of
skilled workers in the United States.
An Entrepreneur article says business opportunities abound
in the luxury market, even in a down economy.

A piece in Fortune offers advice for those who have been
out-of-work and job-hunting so long that they have given up.

A Time Asia piece shows what life is like in Hong Kong now
that the deadly respiratory disease SARS has the city locked
down and scared.
Time Asia finds the Chinese government doing a frighteningly
bad job of managing the SARS crisis.

According to research reported in Science News, you may
better remember how something looks or tastes if you don't
initially try to describe it in words.

A former pitcher talks about how the game of baseball has
changed to favor the hitter, in Popular Mechanics.
An ex-US Olympic Commission official tells Sports
Illustrated that some high-profile American athletes were
allowed to bend the Olympics' anti-drug rules.

---U.S. Politics & Society---
A piece in The American Prospect says Congress should never
again write the president a blank check to make war.
Time Asia reports on a seemingly made-for-TV case involving
a Chinese-American double agent, affairs with FBI agents,
and stolen American secrets.