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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-04-16

In this week's issue: Getting the latest tech without
getting suckered, a plant invasion from your back yard,
inside Hitler's books, and more.

CIO looks at strategies that make the best use of your
company's "leadership capital."

PC World advises would-be "early adopters" on how not to get
burned by expensive, buggy products.
A PC World article warns of the danger of failing to
properly obliterate your hard drive's data before selling or
trashing the PC or drive.

An Atlantic Monthly article looks at what the surviving
remnants of Hitler's private library tell us about the mind
of the man.

D-Lib looks at broad trends in the evolution of the Internet
over the past five years.

A Fortune article says that many companies are behaving as
though Enron never happened, which should alarm investors.

Popular Mechanics looks at the latest in cool, high-tech
motorcycle safety gear.

Science News details how ornamental plants from people's
yards can become ecologically harmful when they invade parks
and public lands as weeds.
In Geotimes, a group of geophysicists finds a lot of junk
science in the new blockbuster The Core, in which scientists
must travel to the earth's core to head off certain