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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-04-09

In this week's issue:  The next great leap in special
effects, the next pandemic, what to do after the war, and

Wired has a preview of the "revolution" in cinematography to
appear in the upcoming sequel to The Matrix.

Time Europe reports that the SARS epidemic may be on the
wane, though it is by no means done killing victims.
According to Time Asia, SARS is just one of many epidemics
to come from South China.
According to a Reason article, the crackdown on OxyContin
abuse actually hurts patients in pain.

---Identity Theft---
More and more parents in financial straits are stealing
their children's identities to run up more credit card debt,
reports US Banker.

---Politics & Society---
An American Prospect article warns liberals not to be lured
by the appeal of the chimerical "post-ideological center."
Iraqi people will be better off after the war, contends an
Atlantic Unbound article, but the American people will not.
A Money article looks at Americans' strange fascination with
really big things.

HHMI Bulletin reports that discoveries about the sleep
disorder narcolepsy may one day allow humans greater control
over when they sleep and how deeply.