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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-03-26

In this week's issue:  succeeding on the Internet, doggie
organ transplants, and the obligatory war commentary.

A Wired profile of USA Interactive chief Barry Diller seems
to say that, to succeed as an Internet mogul, sometimes it's
better not to be a visionary.
An Employment Review article stresses the importance of
salary negotiation when accepting a new job and offers tips
on how to do it right.

An article in Smithsonian looks at the Louisiana Purchase,
two hundred years ago this April, and how it changed the
course of U.S. history.

Veterinary medicine is a burgeoning field, says Wired, and a
proving ground for surgical and medical techniques that will
eventually save human lives.
Could storing carbon dioxide in the earth itself help to
alleviate the greenhouse effect?  Some scientists think so,
reports Geotimes.
On the 50th anniversary of Crick & Watson's discovery of
DNA, Smithsonian looks back on what has been achieved in the
understanding of genetics and at what lies ahead.

---World Politics---
A piece in Fortune predicts some nasty consequences for the
U.S. even if the war with Iraq goes well.
Time Asia asks five major Muslim thinkers about the war and
its effects on Islam.
An Atlantic Monthly article looks at how America's war on
terrorism has gotten the U.S. involved in the domestic
affairs of countries it would rather not have to deal with.