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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-03-19

In this week's issue:  Ethics and business leadership, tips
on getting and using a new computer, a plan for energy
independence, and more.

A CIO article advises leaders on how to run an ethical
According to Bank Technology News, the new challenges faced
by the banking industry to stop money laundering and
terrorist financing are enormous.

PC World touts "insider secrets" that should be of interest
to PC buyers looking to get the best deal on what they want.
Computer Paper starts a series on the nitty-gritty of
switching from a PC to a Mac.

A Wired article lays out a plan, analogous to President
Kennedy's drive to put a man on the moon, to achieve oil
independence for the U.S. in ten years.
Wired looks at the Chinese government's massive forestation
plan to combat the sandstorms and desertification that are
threatening to bury Beijing.

---World Politics---
A Time Europe article asks whether Serbia's hopes for
democratic reform died with the assassination of PM Zoran