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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-03-12

In this week's issue:  Planning for summer, the mutual fund
afterlife, tips on sleeping better, and reasons to lose

Money looks at the financial costs of adopting a child from
another country.

Pay-per-click advertising on search engine results pages is
a bright spot in the marketing world, according to BtoB.

A Science News article reports that, due to a virulent
fungus affecting the most common variety of banana,
supermarket banana shelves will look much different, and
more diverse, in ten years.

Men's Fitness has eight tips for getting a better night's
sleep (the tips are equally applicable for women).

Documents recently declassified are now giving historians,
teachers and students new insights on the Cold War, reports
a Humanities article.

A Money article looks at what happens to mutual funds when
they die, something that happens disturbingly often.

---Endangered Speed Traps---
A corrupt small-town Ohio government that feeds off traffic
violation revenue from its 1,000 feet of road faces a
serious court challenge, according to Car & Driver.

Money offers destination guides for those planning summer

A piece in This Old House profiles Sam Maloof, perhaps the
most accomplished and admired woodworker in the world.

---World Politics---
A Time Asia article asks what the American plan is to deal
with the North Korean nuclear crisis.
According to IEEE Spectrum, the number of scenarios in which
the use of a nuclear weapon is possible is growing.