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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-03-05

In this week's issue: on the worth of employees, the rebirth
of a fad diet, the end of the pension era, and misguided
American sex laws.

Businesses have a great deal of infrastructure to protect. A
Knowledge@Wharton article discusses how they should prepare
for the vague threat of terrorism.
An Inc article argues that most companies don't spend enough
time making hiring decisions, and that smarter hiring can
have a big impact on company performance.
A U.S. Banker article explains why the war between banks and
credit unions is heating up.
According to Business 2.0, salaries in most industries have
held up surprisingly well since the late-1990s boom and

An article in Sports Illustrated says the FDA needs to take
a stand on the dangers of the "dietary supplement" ephedra,
which has been linked to several athletes' recent deaths.
A piece in Reason claims that the recent revival of the
high-fat, low-carb Atkins Diet is the result of bad and
dangerous science journalism.
A Business 2.0 article looks at do-it-yourself medical

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A Fortune article considers the increasingly likely prospect
that hundreds of corporations may slash their pension

Business 2.0 introduces captology, the newly-minted science
of using technology to modify behavior.

---U.S. Politics & Society---
Metropolis analyzes why the city of Detroit is so feared in
the American imagination.
Fortune reports on the role of private military companies in
the U.S. armed forces.
An article in iFeminists claims that prostitution laws in
the U.S. are backwards and bizarre compared to those in
other countries.

---World Politics---
Time Europe looks at the daunting task ahead of new
Brazilian President Lula da Silva, which is to build a
leftist Latin American government that works.