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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-02-26

In this week's issue:  wielding an awesome power over
restaurants, tales of a rotten company, tips on living with
introverts, and more.

A Entrepreneur story highlights creative and unconventional
methods startup companies have used to raise much-needed
cash for expansion.
Recently imposed restrictions by state and federal
authorities are telemarketers' rewards for treating
consumers so badly for so many years, according to Direct.
An Inc article stresses the importance, for forward-thinking
businesspeople, of reading more than just the business
section of the daily newspaper.

Fortune looks inside a 122-year-old brokerage that recently
collapsed, and finds a firm on the seedy side of Wall

Smithsonian profiles the new editor of the Michelin Red
Guide, and describes what it's like to make the most
influential restaurant ratings in the world.

Science News reports on recent research finding that the
radiation from cellular phone use damages brain cells in

---Society & Culture---
An Atlantic Monthly article discusses the habits and needs
of a common but often misunderstood group: introverts.
A Time Europe article finds that protest music is alive and
well among the downtrodden of Zimbabwe.

---World Politics---
Time Europe looks at friction within Europe over the issue
of war with Iraq as French President Jacques Chirac lashes
out at EU candidate countries over their support for war.