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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-02-12

In this issue:  tips on the job search, some interesting
human experiments, and writers predicting bad times ahead
for the world.

---Business & Economy---
A Time Europe article reports on an economic matter that may
sound peculiar:  retailers are fighting the E.U. for the
right to cut prices and have sales and promotions.
Time Asia looks at the complaints of small-business owners
in China, who say the system is stacked against them despite
their importance to the PRC's economic future.

Smart Money offers tips to those laid-off workers whose job
search seems to be dragging on and on for too long.

According to PC World, price drops and improvements in
technology favor DVD burners over CD-RW drives for the first
In PC World, a brave technology writer volunteers for an
experiment:  go without using a PC or the Internet for 20

An article in National Gardening advises readers on how to
use climate zone maps to get the best plant-growing results.

A Wired writer recounts his experience in a NASA centrifuge
as a volunteer test subject for hypergravity experiments.

---World Politics---
A war against Iraq could be the most catastrophic blunder in
U.S. history, according to an Atlantic Unbound piece.
A Time Asia article says the U.S. could be courting disaster
by targeting Iraq before North Korea.