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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-02-05

In this week's issue:  A double-helix office tower, killing
your budget, the problems of mind-sharpening drugs, and
athletes in the fight against fat.

According to Metropolis, a radical new skyscraper design
incorporating a carbon-fiber structure is now facing
doubters who worry about its safety in a post-9/11 world.

An Optimize article suggests that companies can improve
performance by doing away with the traditional annual
budgeting process itself.
An article in MyBusiness looks at the challenges and rewards
when a married couple runs a business together.
A Fortune article tracks e-mail's transformation into a
preferred form of evidence for prosecutors and the No. 1 way
for a company to get sued.
A Fortune piece offers advice on how to fix the U.S. airline

Sports Illustrated points out that professional athletes are
struggling with the same fight against obesity as regular,
couch-potato fans.

A This Old House article explains what homeowners and buyers
need to know about easements that give others use of their

A Money article challenges some of the traditional thinking
about kids' allowances.

CIO reports that a Texas chemist has come across an
environmentally friendly way to harvest gold particles from
the soil using alfalfa plants.
Technology that will allow people to enhance their brain
function and memory is rapidly developing.  A Reason article
takes up the ethical debate over how it should be used.

---U.S. Politics---
The American Prospect sizes up the coming battle over
Medicare reform, particularly since the ascendance of a
health-industry millionaire to head the Senate majority.

Time Asia has an update on the war in Afghanistan, which is
still very much alive.
Outside reports from Kashmir's Siachen Glacier, where
Pakistani and Indian armies have dug into the highest
battleground in the world for over 19 years.