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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-01-29

In this week's issue:  Nicotine-free tobacco, the oil curse,
warnings for restaurant patrons, and more.

Smithsonian previews a major new art exhibition inspired by
the friendly competition and cross-pollination between Henri
Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

According to Wired, a small cigarette company hopes to
strike it rich by packing cigarettes with Amish-grown,
genetically modified, nicotine-free tobacco that may help
smokers quit.

A piece in Fortune contends that Venezuela's poverty,
paradoxically, is the result of its oil wealth.

An Education Week article looks at downsized California tech
workers making a second life as schoolteachers.

Smart Money offers "ten things restaurants won't tell you"
that diners might want to know.

A New Republic article attempts to explain why racial
preferences like affirmative action survive politically
despite the fact that most U.S. voters oppose them.

Science News reports on the discovery of a small dinosaur
with feathers on all its limbs, possibly an intermediate in
the evolution of birds.
Smithsonian profiles iceberg wrangler Jerome Baker, whose
job is to protect North Atlantic oil rigs from the perils of
million-ton chunks of ice.