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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-01-22

In this week's issue:  Gates on the future, two looks at
eating, new tax software and more.

Knowledge@Wharton reports on new research into why some
companies succeed at customer relationship management -- and
many do not.
Salon covers a significant agreement between the tech and
media industries about digital copyright protection -- the
oft-feuding camps both want the government to keep its hands
Entrepreneur stresses the value of diversification for small
In a Fortune interview, Bill Gates talks about his optimism
for the future of the tech industry.

A father writes in Salon about sending his daughter off to
college and having to help her deal with the anorexia she
develops there -- a common and serious problem, experts say.
Fortune looks at what it might take to transform the
American diet in an effort to solve the obesity crisis.

Business 2.0 suggests that the U.S. government should
subsidize the cost of broadband Internet for consumers.

PC World reviews the 2002-tax-year versions of three popular
tax-preparation software packages.

---U.S. Politics & Society---
An American Prospect article crows about the unreliability
of polls, specifically John Zogby's.

---World Politics & Society---
With the U.S. muddling its position on a dangerous situation
on the Korean peninsula, nearby Japan is wondering whether
it should rearm, reports Time Asia.