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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2003-01-15

In this week's issue:  Deadly SUVs, cheap PCs, the science
of freezing oneself, and more.

Employment Review offers tips on how to give an effective
A Fast Company article looks at what went wrong with
employee stock options, which seemed during the 1990s like
such a great idea.

New Republic reviews a new book on America's love affair
with the world's most dangerous vehicles, SUVs.
 Buy "High and Mighty," by Keith Bradsher:

Want a desktop PC for under $900?  PC World has a top 5 list
for bargain shoppers.

In Fortune, Vanguard Group founder John Bogle explains why
he thinks the mutual fund industry has betrayed investors.

Outside looks at the work of the world's foremost
hypothermia researcher, a Canadian scientist whose methods
have involved experiencing the condition for himself 33

---Social Issues---
Indentured servitude is far from dead, reports Fortune, when
it comes to the workers who must compete in the global
economy to make products destined for Western companies.
Salon reviews a new book exploring why in America, obesity
and poverty go together.
Salon interviews an activist for the rights of committed,
but unmarried, couples.
Education Week reports on new studies exploring the complex
relationship between bullying and violence in schools.