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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-12-25

Best wishes for the holidays.  In this issue:  mercury in
fish, lawyer of the year, and AI in games.

An Entrepreneur article looks at former Enron employees who
have started businesses of their own since the energy trader
left them high and dry.

Science News has rounded up the current research on fish
consumption and related mercury contamination.

New Republic looks at the large and distinguished Iraqi
exile community in London and wonders what its role will be
should Saddam fall.

National Law Journal names as its lawyer of the year the
attorney responsible for convincing the U.S. Supreme Court
that executing the mentally retarded is wrong.

IEEE Spectrum takes a fairly in-depth look at the artificial
intelligence systems being employed in today's video games.

---U.S. Politics---
New Republic reports that two idealistic Harvard grad
students are planning the most unlikely of political
comebacks:  a Gary Hart presidential run in 2004.

An Atlantic Monthly article remarks on our culture's odd
fascination with the word "genius" and the idea it