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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-12-18

In this issue:  Old houses, career paths, photo printers,
and the nicest spam ever.

A feature in This Old House looks back at classic American
house styles since the 1700s.

The pharmaceutical industry's R&D has a big problem, asserts
BioITWorld:  too many new technologies and too few new
In a Fast Company piece, a variety of now-happy people talk
abou how they came to answer the question of what to do with
their lives.

PC World tests 16 new photo-capable inkjet printers to find
the values in a large and varied group -- and includes a
detailed explanation of the technologies in today's

A Kiplinger's article touches on how to conscientiously
balance your consumption of American goods and those
imported from other countries.

---Environmental Issues---
An Outside article visits Tuvalu, the island nation that may
soon be the first casualty of global warming, sinking
beneath the waves of the South Pacific.
Salon reports on the war between the Bush administration and
the state of California over environmental issues.

A New Architect article talks about the U.S. government's
new "National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace" and what it
means for the individual Internet user.
In Salon, an e-mail user reports on a decidedly positive
experience with a computer virus.

---Social Issues---
An American Prospect article makes a case for a national
child-care program.
Fast Company looks at a New York charity that is adopting
innovative, businesslike solutions to the problem of