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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-12-11

In this week's issue:  lessons in underwear marketing,
toking athletes, the ever-increasing cost of getting into
college, and more.

Inc reviews a business book with an ambitious scope: 
"Business: The Ultimate Resource."
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Business 2.0 details the resurrection of the wildly
lucrative Joe Boxer underwear brand.
Employment Review notes a decline in worker relocation,
which is attributed to the sluggish economy.

---Computers & Electronics---
A PC World article reports on a test of various "3G"
wireless Internet services with PDAs and cell phones.
PC World previews the upcoming year's technology products.

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A Kiplinger's article questions the value of private
college-admissions counselors, whom parents pay thousands of
dollars to help guide their teenagers into top universities.

---European Politics---
Germans are fleeing Germany, reports Time Europe, because of
high taxes, a sagging economy and questionable leadership.

Science News reports on the most recent survey of U.S.
dining habits.  Apparently, home cooking is on the wane.

Salon reviews a new collection of essays on the
philosophical questions posed by the hit film The Matrix.
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A Sports Illustrated piece marvels at the prevalence of
marijuana use among professional athletes.
Wired looks at the intense competition to unseat reigning
champion Electronic Arts in the multimillion-dollar sports
video game industry.