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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-11-13

In this week's issue: nuclear-powered rockets, online
romance, and what foreigners really think about the U.S.

While Microsoft won a big victory in its U.S. antitrust
case, the company can't seem to get a break in Europe,
writes Time Europe.
Will FreshDirect be able to succeed where other online
grocery delivery services have failed?  A Fortune article
investigates why many people think it will.
Fortune reports on the bubble in the U.S. wheat market and
how it is changing the lives of farmers.

---Financial Planning---
Employment Review looks at the many factors that should go
into deciding whether to be a one- or two-income family --
and it's not always about money.

Salon has compiled a collection of success and horror
stories from readers who've dared to dabble in online

Time Europe talks to an investigative tabloid journalist in
England who has gone undercover in disguise to break up
several crimes, including a plot to kidnap Spice Girl
Victoria Beckham.
A journalist who traveled around the world gathering
foreigners' opinions on America and Americans talks in a
Salon article about his surprising conclusions.

An IEEE Spectrum article talks about the need for
nuclear-powered spacecraft if we are to advance space
Environmental scientists speculate that tropical wildfires
may release as much carbon into the atmosphere as
fossil-fuel combustion worldwide, according to Science News.

---Social Issues---
A Knowledge@Wharton piece looks at the problems surrounding
proposals to sell life-saving drugs to poor countries at
discounted prices.

---World Politics---
Fortune addresses the oil implications of the
all-but-imminent U.S.-led war with Iraq.