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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-10-16

In this week's issue:  giving your computer a cleaning, a
controversial chocolate-funded education, getting
information from blogs, and more.

Computer Paper examines the history of repetitive strain
injuries and gives advice for improving the workplace.
New Architect warns companies and organizations of the
danger of "signing over your soul" for IT services by
agreeing to unreasonable contracts.
Board Member provides results from a survey of corporate
directors on governance and reform.

PC World offers tips on keeping your computer clean (that
is, from things like dust and potato chip crumbs).
Iridium is back, and Computer Paper reviews the satellite
phone service.

Education Week looks at the Milton Hershey School, an
eclectic, tuition-free private school funded by the late
chocolate magnate's mammoth trust.

Salon interviews Eliot Spitzer, the New York Attorney
General, about taking on Wall Street and allegations that
he's doing it for reasons of personal fame.

This Old House offers advice on choosing carpeting.

Online looks at ways of extracting helpful information from
the blogosphere, the vast and growing world of Web logs.

A New Architect article argues that copyright-protection
flags, which are now becoming common in the media we
purchase, violate our right to fair use.

Salon heaps praise on Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie
"Punch-Drunk Love," which stars Adam Sandler in an unlikely
dramatic turn.

Science News looks at the wasteful harvesting of sharks'
fins to make soup and efforts to protect the shark

According to a Kiplinger's article, many retirees are
starting to look at relocating to college towns.

Science News reports on a newly synthesized form of vitamin
D, 2MD, helps to fortify bone mass in rats and may hold
promise for fighting osteoporosis in people.

A Salon piece speculates on what stormy goings-on might
ensue in the House of Steinbrenner now that the Yankees have
flopped out of the playoffs.
A Popular Mechanics article explains paintball's evolution
from cow-pasture distraction to high-tech, worldwide sport.