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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-10-09

In this week's issue:  Employee theft, business attire, new
war games, and the workings of the mind.

Optimize argues that a job as big as corporate security
requires a team effort across the enterprise.
An Inc article deals with the difficult problem of
recovering, both business-wise and psychologically, when a
trusted employee steals from you.
Inc profiles a woman entrepreneur who somehow manages to run
two businesses and raise five children, including a toddler
and an infant, at the same time.
A Red Herring editorial recommends that tech companies
attack the entertainment establishment head-on, luring
content creators away with innovative technologies.

Is Microsoft serious about offering secure products? A PC
World article asks this question, noting that the flood of
security warnings for Microsoft software hasn't abated.

A study reported on in Education Week finds that many U.S.
states are doing a better job preparing students for
college, reversing a trend.

An Employment Review article runs down the current trends
and guidelines for appropriate office attire.

An American Family Physician article warns people taking
nutritional supplements for prostate disease that they're
probably not getting what they think they're getting.
Will the world be a better, healthier place if we all go
vegetarian?  Time Europe has an overview of the issue.

Salon interviews a pair of historians who have just
completed a new and somewhat controversial book about the
origins of the Holocaust.

Reason has an interesting interview with evolutionary
biologist Stephen Pinker, author of the new book How the
Mind Works.
A Science News article looks at how a space elevator might
be made within the next 15 years.
The September 11 attacks produced an entirely new form of
pollution, writes American Prospect, one whose environmental
and health effects scientists are still trying to puzzle

---U.S. Politics & Society---
The U.S. Army is giving away a compelling new
custom-designed computer game as a recruitment tool, reports
Salon, and is drawing both praise and criticism for the

---World Politics & Society---
Outside sends an investigative journalist to Iran, who finds
a unique society that is not so easily boiled down into
"Axis of Evil" simplisticity.