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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-10-02

In this issue: The drug industry's sickness, thoughts on
investing, what it's like booking the Jerry Springer Show,
and more.

MyBusiness looks at how office sharing can save small
companies money.
Salesvault shares 31 tips for improving the effectiveness of
your print ads.
A CIO article relates the story of how manual know-how can
still trump automated design processes for product
A New Republic piece claims big pharma has stopped
innovating, and marketing and the patent system are to

In Searcher, a professional librarian describes her tenure
as a paid question-answerer for the Google Answers service.

Though it doesn't predict when tech stocks will recover, a
Business 2.0 article picks five stocks it thinks will lead
the way.
Kiplinger's talks with bond guru Bill Gross about his

Smithsonian tags along with a cloud physicist who flies into
the worst weather conditions imaginable in order to
understand some of nature's most chaotic phenomena.
A remarkable new metal called LiquidMetal is harder and
stronger than any other alloy.  A Business 2.0 article
puzzles over why no one can make any money selling it.

A Salon article admonishes pro athletes for all their public
prayer, which the article says too often seems sanctimonious
and self-serving.

Salon reviews a book about daytime talk show producers whose
job it is to line up a suitable array of lowlifes,
sleazeballs, and weirdos for public ridicule.
A PC World article warns of potential negative consequences
for consumers when broadcasters are mandated to switch to
all-digital TV signals in 2007.

---U.S. Politics---
American Prospect analyzes the shift in union political
weight away from straight Democratic party-line support.
An Education Week article reveals that the justice system is
dealing somewhat confusedly and contradictorily with the
issue of undocumented illegal immigrants in U.S. public

---World Politics---
New Republic looks at the political risks to Tony Blair of
supporting the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad.
North Korea is experimenting with a utopian capitalism in a
special zone of the country, Time Asia reports.
Industrial countries' import tariffs hit the poor the
hardest, reports Finance & Development, in both rich and
poor countries.