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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-09-25

In this week's issue:  The business secrets of a
baby-delivery superpower, touching up your digital
photographs, in praise of old rock stars, and more.

A Salon article looks at a new crop of established
"grown-up" novelists now beginning to write children's
books, sparking a rebirth of the genre.

A Fast Company columnist complains that today's CEOs are
shirking their responsibilities.
Fast Company looks to America's top hospital for
baby-delivery as a model of business excellence and
An American Prospect article wonders why there's been no
grassroots groundswell for corporate reform.

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PC World has some tips for editing your digital photos.

Equipping classrooms with amplification systems and teachers
with microphones seems to be solving a lot of problems for
some schools, reports Teacher Magazine.

---International Politics---
American Prospect looks at how the push for normalized
relations between the U.S. and Cuba is growing stronger.
A televised war-crimes trial seems to be buoying the
popularity of Slobodan Milosovic, according to a Time Europe
article that warns of future unrest in Serbia.
The New Republic faults President Bush for being
disingenuous about his rationale for attacking Iraq in his
speech to the U.N., warning that this will come back to
haunt the administration.
Cricket, says Time Asia, has the power to bring together
South Asia's distrustful neighbors like nothing else.

Salon finds much to like about the new film The Banger

A Salon piece defends the reunion tours of rock-and-roll's
geriatric set.

An HHMI Bulletin article explains how scientists are now
using species other than the usual fruit flies and mice to
investigate puzzling diseases.
Hydrogen is the next great power source, says an author and
environmentalist interviewed in Salon.  And it may be closer
at hand than we tend to think.

---Social Issues---
According to Time Europe, an HIV-positive Sesame Street
Muppet is the latest tool in South Africa's battle to
educate its populace about the AIDS epidemic.
Time Asia looks at how former Taliban foot soldiers have
melted back in to Afghan society.