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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-09-18

In this week's issue:  learning through jazz, networking's
future, unfair treatment for drug addicts, and drugs for

---Business Reform---
The recently passed U.S. corporate accountability
legislation is sending some European business leaders into a
fit, reports Time Europe.

An Education Week piece looks at how trumpeter Wynton
Marsalis is convincing people that learning about jazz can
help students develop discipline, individuality and

A Scientific American article profiles the work of an NIH
physician who believes palliative care should be available
to all sufferers of chronic disease, not just the dying.

---The Internet & Society---
A Wired writer looks at how the Dartmouth College campus has
fully assimilated wireless networking, giving us an idea of
how the future of the network society might look.
New Architect looks at an ACLU white paper that calls for
regulation of cable monopolies to preserve free speech
through broadband Internet access.

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Kiplinger's scrutinizes the nation's housing market to see
when the ride will end.

One scientist seems to have snowed the elite world of
academic physicists with three years of fraudulent papers
and "discoveries," according to Salon.
Wired looks at pest species that are being controlled by
genetic modifications so that they breed themselves out of

---The War on Terror---
A Skeptical Inquirer article suggests that by reacting to
terrorism more rationally and less emotionally, we can
better combat it.

---U.S. Politics---
An Atlantic Monthly article lays out U.S. imperial
responsibilities after a hypothetical war with Iraq.
A Salon columnist identifies hypocrisy when Florida Gov. Jeb
Bush's daughter Noelle gets rehab for drug offenses, while
poor addicts get sent to prison.

---Veterinary Medicine---
An FDA Consumer article discusses the scarcity of drugs
approved to treat "minor" but economically important animal
species such as honeybees.

---Web Design---
Overcoming the limitations of HTML:  New Architect reviews
Flash MX and Curl.